Perturbator's Sentient Video May Be The Greatest Retro Cyber Punk Video Game That Never Was

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Perturbator's Sentient Video May Be The Greatest Retro Cyber Punk Video Game That Never Was

Full marks here to animator Valenberg who has created one hell of a compelling new pixel art animated music video for French synth pop artist Perturbator's new single Sentient. Got a love for classic cyberpunk and retro video games? Well, Valenberg clearly shares that love with you and what he's created here makes me wish this world existed in cartridge form so I could pop it into a console and enter into it more fully. This is pretty fantastic stuff, check it out below.

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Alessandro GaudianoMarch 30, 2016 7:34 PM

By the way, Perturbator's music was featured in a cult retro-style videogame classic most gamers will have heard about, Hotline: Miami. This detail is highly relevant, given the context.

Unflinching_EyeMarch 30, 2016 9:11 PM

Wasn't Carpenter Brut's music on that game's soundtrack as well, or am I mistaken?

Unflinching_EyeMarch 30, 2016 9:20 PM

Excellent. I'm enjoying the synthwave content here on twitch. Please keep it coming :)

Mr. CavinMarch 30, 2016 11:54 PM

Agreed. This was damn neat.

ZazzyMarch 31, 2016 6:14 AM

Carpenter Brut was more prominent on the 2nd episode of Hotline Miami

Todd BrownMarch 31, 2016 2:56 PM

If people keep making stuff like this we'll be happy to!

BtoFuApril 1, 2016 1:27 AM

Been looking forward to Perturbator's new album for a long while. Sounds like the Memory Ghost vocalist collaborating with him again here. Video reminds me of a more cyberpunk spin on Eric Chahi's fantastic game Another World.

Jason GrayApril 1, 2016 10:59 PM

Nice. Good use of Japanese, too.