HumanSide Podcast: Director Heath Cozens Talks DOGLEGS

Contributor; Chicago, Illinois
HumanSide Podcast: Director Heath Cozens Talks DOGLEGS
Welcome to HumanSide, the podcast that looks at the human side of pop culture. This episode offers an early peek at Chicago's own Music Box Theatre 70mm Film Festival, taking place February 19 to March 10. 

I also review a couple of surreal classics on Blu-ray from Scream Factory. Trust me, if you love weird movies, Sonny Boy and Blood and Lace deserve your attention. 

I also look at the Criterion Collection upgrade of one of my favorite noir films, Night and the City, by the great Jules Dassin. 

Lastly, HumanSide episode 2 offers an interview with director Heath Cozens about his often humorous but ultimately moving documentary Doglegs, which tells the story of disabled Japanese wrestlers grappling with able bodied opponents in a bid for societal and self-respect.

You can listen to the podcast below. Alternatively, you can head directly to SoundCloud and listen to it there. (P.S. We're also looking at RSS feeds and download options. Thanks for your patience.)
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