Crowdfund This! HotDocs Selection DOGLEGS Needs Your Help To Wrap Things Up!

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Crowdfund This! HotDocs Selection DOGLEGS Needs Your Help To Wrap Things Up!
How's this for an assurance of quality for prospective crowd funders? Not only is Heath Cozens' feature documentary Doglegs very nearly complete but it is already selected to premiere at the prestigious HotDocs festival in Toronto. But don't you need to be complete to premiere? Not really, actually ... while you need to be rather close to complete there's actually quite a significant difference between being ready to screen in a festival environment and being complete enough to deliver to a distributor and find your way to a mass audience, and bridging that gap can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Cozens is looking for eighteen grand to get over that hump.

And why should you support him? Well, because the film looks absolutely fantastic, for one thing. The story of a Japanese pro wrestling league for the handicapped this is fascinating, provocative stuff and if the trailer is anything to judge by Cozens does a fantastic job of introducing viewers to this unusual world.

Since 1991, Tokyo's "Superhandicapped" pro wrestling league Doglegs has been smashing stereotypes about how the disabled should behave. 

All fighters and staff are volunteers. Nobody's making a cent. And all-comers are welcome. Even the able bodied...

Originally conceived as an act of defiance against an indifferent society, Doglegs has become a lifeline for the marginalized and a place where the disabled get to define themselves on their own terms.

Check out the trailer below and support the campaign here!

Doglegs: trailer from Heath Cozens on Vimeo.

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