Sundance 2016: BRAHMAN NAMAN Introduces Its Quizzard Quartet

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With the Sundance Film Festival less than a week away, it's time to start digging into the line up and the films that we think are going to be worth talking about when it's all done and dusted. For me, there's one film in this impressive line up that has my attention more than any other, Bengali director Q's Brahman Naman.

Brahman Naman
appears to be a unique entry in Q's oeuvre, in that it is his first English language film, as well as a straightforward narrative feature, and a comedy at that. The film, written by first time screenwriter Naman Ramanchandran, is the story of a quartet of quiz kids in '80s India who make a testosterone fueled cross country dash to defeat their arch rivals and hopefully pop their cherries at the same time. Today over at IndieWire, Brahman Naman unveiled detailed looks at its main characters and we think they're worth sharing.

We've been following Q's career since the world premiere of his avant garde international festival hit Gandu. With each film he's moved a tiny bit closer to straight ahead narrative, but never quite close enough to garner the kind of attention that gets filmmakers the options to to their own thing. This time around, though, things are looking a bit different for Q and Ramachandran. While we haven't seen the film, we have been privy to a few minutes of footage, and what we've seen is phenomenally hilarious. Ramachandran's script and Q's innate fearlessness mean that we're looking at a potential game-changer for both of them, and after watching Q grow over the last five years as an artist, I'm excited to see what happens when all of that potential is unleashed.

The italicized content is courtesy of the Brahman Naman team, but I'll add context where I think it's helpful.

Here are the four leads, nerds in heat if you will, of Brahman Naman and the supplied synopsis.

We'd like to introduce you to the colorful characters of BRAHMAN NAMAN. It’s the 1980s and Naman (Shashank Arora, star of Cannes hit TITLI) is a know-it-all nerd driven by the whims of his raging hormones. Heading up Bangalore University’s team of bespectacled misfits (best friends Ajay and Ramu), the trio of lusty intellectuals spend the majority of their time on the quizzing circuit, using their winnings to buy nudie magazines, whiskey, and beer, fantasizing about the buxom neighborhood beauty all the while. When the boys qualify for the National Quiz Championships, they make a booze-fuelled train trip across the country determined to defeat their rivals in Calcutta and desperate to lose their virginities along the way.

Unfolding to the tune of the iconic anthem, “Whiskey Bar,” as Naman and his friends run amok against the colorful backdrop of the Indian landscape, his quest for sex and glory is complicated when he finds his intellectual superior in a stunning female quizzer. Directed by Indian filmmaker Q, (known for his controversial cult hit GANDU) BRAHMAN NAMAN is a smart, raucous sex comedy that’s raunchy and endearing in equal measure— replete with innovative masturbation methods that put even Philip Roth’s Alexander Portnoy to shame.
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