Sakaguchi Tak Throws Down In First RE:BORN Teaser

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Sakaguchi Tak Throws Down In First RE:BORN Teaser
After an announcement video and a follow up teaser showing some behind the scenes work, we finally have some proper footage of Versus star Sakaguchi Tak's reunion with his Death Trance director Shimomura Yuji in the form of the first proper teaser for upcoming Japanese action film Re:Born.

The fight choreography here is all based around fight choreographer Inagawa Yoshitaka's zero range combat system and it looks plenty kinetic to keep the action fans happy. This is very much just a teaser and to these eyes it looks as though the footage is still raw and unfinished - so I'd expect a boost in picture quality as things get through color correction, etc, in post - but still quite promising. Check it out below.
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