ScreenAnarchy Presents: 101 ZOMBIE KILLS

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ScreenAnarchy Presents: 101 ZOMBIE KILLS
Pulled out of the dark, rotting bowels of the internet, ScreenAnarchy proudly presents this extended narrative of undead carnage, 101 Zombie Kills, or in its far more elegant sounding French moniker, Cent Une Tueries de Zombies. Produced by film archivist and TIFF programmer Colin Geddes and directed/edited by Michael Lane for Toronto's Nuit Blanche in 2012, the montage brings together some of the greatest moments in the ever growing catalog of zombie carnage. Beyond a few festival appearances, this has not been seen by many until now. (And arrives just in time for Halloween.)

Far more than just another YouTube 'super-cut', Lane (who also put together The Unauthorized Hagiography of Vincent Price) quickly establishes a story-telling rhythm, dividing the 40+ minutes of zombie mayhem into into escalating acts that will be familiar to those who love the genre: The initial zombie rise, the surviving people barricading themselves indoors to watch the news reports, the eventual breaching of barricades, and eventual involvement of the authorities and military forces. There is are also several layers of who is watching what, and where, is this really the rise of the undead, or is it merely people inside the screen watching it on screens. Find out...and if you must, see if the arithmetic adds up to the promise of the title.

A word of *warning*: The destruction of dozens of zombies is of course graphically violent, and there are brief moments of nudity (both genders). Furthermore, the powers that be have assured us that this will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY! Watch it quick before the Man makes us take it down.
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