Fantasia 2015: ScreenAnarchy Wraps It Up With Our Reviews And Top Picks

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As the 19th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival came to a close on Thursday, and the awards handed out, the various ink-stained, alcohol-soaked and genre saturated writers lucky enough to be able to party in Montreal for a portion of three weeks of glee and gore and great movies. 

Nearly every night of the massive 23 day fest stretches well into the daylight hours of the morning with after hours events and spontaneous self-organized goings on. These all-night social gatherings see programmers, guests and industry from the Frontières Marketplace, volunteers, film-fans and other hangers-on congregate on the patio of the Irish Embassy only to later disperse in smaller groups to after-hours clubs, in search of high caloric food or other assorted activities to celebrate those hot summer nights in Montreal. Poutine, bagel and smoked meat jokes aside, there was a lot to devour at Fantasia this year, and Mack, Jason, Izzy and Kurt have got you covered in the below gallery.



Frontières Market & End-Of-Festival Awards

Andrew Mack, Michele "Izzy" Galgana and contributed to this story.

In terms of festival content, we have got it all broken down for you in our wrap-up (above) with links to our previews, reviews, and interviews and some of our thoughts on the festival's offerings from all of those who attended. Click the images in the gallery to see what the favourite films of the festival were, as well as the disappointments, discovers and non-festival shenanigans (Gambling! Melon Stabbing! Daytime Drinking!) Team ScreenAnarchy managed to get involved in.

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Fantasia 2015

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