Help Light The Fire For Larry Kent's SHE WHO MUST BURN

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Help Light The Fire For Larry Kent's SHE WHO MUST BURN
I know, I know, another day, another crowd funded film project. Nevertheless, the filmmaker in question for this particular case is the obscure, cultish (pretty much a secret handshake in Canuck film circles) Larry Kent who is kind of the the godfather of Indie Canadian cinema with a filmography that spans well over 50 years. Heck, the man cast Susan Sarandon in one of his films 4 years before The Rocky Horror Picture Show was made.  

One can pretend that if ScreenAnarchy had been in existence from the origins of cinema, rather than merely the early 21st century, that we would have been covering Kent and many of his Cinépix brethren during the 1960s and 1970s. She Who Must Burn, his latest project, might be the closest the filmmaker has gotten to a pure genre cinema, and that makes us a wee bit excited.

She Who Must Burn, a "feminist, poetic, ultraviolent horror movie" will be featured in Fantasia's film-production market this July, but as of this minute has a $20K indieGoGo campaign for the next 30 days that could use a little love and lucre. Were you disappointed with Kevin Smith's Red State?  Think Canada can do better on the abortion/religious-zealot-thriller front?  Here's your chance to make it happen.  

Angela (Sarah Smyth), a strong-willed and determined young woman, refuses to leave the town's planned-parenthood clinic even after its been shut down by the state.Her refusal to comply angers the Baarkers; a dangerous and fanatical right-wing family whose influence in this land runs both deep and high. After receiving word that a young girl has had an abortion, the Baarkers hunt the child down. She narrowly escapes after watching her mother's murder, and makes her way to the clinic where Angela takes her in. With the young girl at her side, Angela vows to protect her, but the Baarkers are closing in fast. As the tension between the two sides rises, so does the danger, and each one is driven further than ever before to fight for what they believe.  


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