Latin Beat: Watch KM SIN RETORNO Trailer, Plus THE HELL WITHIN Seeks Funding

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We have details -- and trailers -- for two fascinating projects. The first is a sequel to a Mexican horror hit, while the other is a (potential) collaboration between a musician turned producer with more experienced Brazilian behind-the-scenes talent. Check them out below!

Alberto Acuña Navarijo, Eric Ortiz Garcia and Fernando Toste contributed to this story.

KM 31 SIN RETORNO: Trailer For The Sequel Of The Mexican Horror Hit
By Alberto Acuña Navarijo

Eight years ago, KM 31: Kilometer 31 unexpectedly became a landmark for Mexican horror cinema. While Rigoberto Castañeda’s film wasn’t very original (it was clear the director had seen every horror film from Asia), and it had a messy script, it remains the model for anyone who attempts to make a genre piece due to its flawless technical work (unusual in Mexico) as well as its successful marketing strategy.

Now, with the release of the sequel KM 31 Sin Retorno, Carlos Aragón returns as Martín Ugalde, the detective obsessed with a series of unsolved deaths occurred at a misty part of the highway. This time, Ugalde emerges himself into the investigation of several missing children, which maybe are related with the events of the first film.

KM 31 Sin Retorno opens in Mexico on October 16 and I wonder if it can surpass the achievements of the original. Meanwhile, check out the first trailer below.

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