Dreams Aren't All That Get Caught In The KLOVN FOREVER Trailer

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Dreams Aren't All That Get Caught In The KLOVN FOREVER Trailer
Casper and Frank are headed to America in the upcoming Klovn Forever (Klown Forever) and, really, what's the worst that can happen? One of the most outrageous comedies ever returns with the second Klovn feature - following six series of stellar television - and things are ... well, they're just as naked as ever.

Five years have passed, and Casper and Frank are standing at a crossroad in their lives and friendship. What is it they want? And what do they really mean to each other, when it all comes down to it? Their friendship is put to the ultimate test, and along the way they subject themselves and each other to the worst trials of their lives - in safe surroundings back home in Denmark and across the Atlantic in the city of dreams, Los Angeles. In the end, the two friends have to face the facts and ask the question: Is there even such a thing as "friends forever"? One thing is for certain... This time, it's serious!
The first trailer for the film is freshly arrived, check it out below!

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