Teaser For Ramen Hui's Family Friendly MONSTER HUNT

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Teaser For Ramen Hui's Family Friendly MONSTER HUNT
Hong Kong based production company Edko Films is going on a Monster Hunt led by director Ramen Hui - best know on these shores as co-director of Shrek 3 and a veteran of Dreamworks Animation. So, yes, while this will be a dominantly live action film - one boasting a cast that includes Eric Tsang (Aberdeen), Bai Baihe (A Wedding Invitation) and Sandra Ng (Golden Chickens) - we can safely assume there will be rather a lot of CGI animated monster as well.

Which means, of course, that it's time to see one in this first teaser clip. Yep, it's pretty cutesy stuff - nothing that hints of the epic scale promised by the posters just yet - that to these eyes feels a lot like what would happen if you were to make a period film for the CJ7 audience. Check it out below!
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