SPL2 Scores Massive Opening In China

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SPL2 Scores Massive Opening In China
Ten years after Wilson Yip jump-started Donnie Yen's career with SPL (aka Kill Zone), the sequel is upon us, and it is making huge bank in mainland China. Kevin Ma over at FilmBiz Asia has done the maths, and claims that Soi Cheang's sequel has scored "a record opening for a contemporary action film", taking US$50.6 million since opening on 18 June. A 3D release no doubt helped, but Wu Jing is on a roll after his last effort, Wolf Warrior, pulled in close to US$100 million earlier this year. However, even with those figures, SPL2 could only place second to Jurassic World over the Chinese bank holiday weekend.

A sequel in name only, SPL2: A Time For Consequences stars Tony Jaa, Wu Jing and Max Zhang, as well as Simon Yam and Louis Koo, and is a hugely enjoyable action thriller featuring a number of standout fight sequences from its star-studded cast. The film opened here in Hong Kong last week too, but unfortunately I reviewed it for another outlet. Suffice to say the plot hinges on massive coincidences and contrivances that it can never fully overcome, but in terms of its action, fight choreography and ambition, fans will not be disappointed.

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