Indian Maverick Q Lays On The Blood In First LUDO Trailer

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Indian Maverick Q Lays On The Blood In First LUDO Trailer
Calcutta based Indian maverick Q is a great favorite in these parts, the indie outsider bursting on to our radar initially with Gandu - a film that played in selection in Berlin before being banned for sexual content in its native India. Well, Q is back now, co-directing horror effort Ludo with the singularly named Nikon. And it seems abundantly clear that he has no intention to stop pushing boundaries.

LUDO is a story about four desperate teenagers who decide to spend one fateful night in the big city. Horny and broke, they hide inside a gigantic shopping mall, after all attempts to get a hotel room fail. At the mall all plans go haywire, as an old couple appears from nowhere who is inviting them to play a game, and a night of terror begins. The game simple but deadly, is called LUDO.
Teenagers looking for sex with the whole thing devolving into a bloodbath ... it's a formula familiar from scores of American horror films but what Q and Nikon are doing here is something very, very different. But don't take my word for it. ScreenAnarchy is proud to present the first trailer for the film in all its bloody glory. Take a look below.
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