The Fight Begins In This Extended SWORD OF VENGEANCE Clip

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The Fight Begins In This Extended SWORD OF VENGEANCE Clip
The creator of Hammer of the Gods returns with another dose of manly men wielding heavy blades in the upcoming Sword of Vengeance and with WellGo USA launching the film in limited theatrical and across VOD platforms on March 20th we've got an extended clip to share.

From the creator of HAMMER OF THE GODS, starring Stanley Weber ("Borgia") and Annabelle Wallis (ANNABELLE) comes the story of a Norman prince, freed from slavery, who seeks revenge on his father's murderer -his ruthless uncle, Earl Durant (Karel Roden). Gaining the trust of a band of exiled farmers, he leads them into battle against Durant, exploiting them in his quest to satisfy his code of honor. Will the prince sacrifice everything and everyone to quench his thirst for bloody retribution?
Take a look at the clip below!

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