CLOSE RANGE: XLrator Media Will Distribute Latest From Florentine And Adkins In The U.S.

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CLOSE RANGE: XLrator Media Will Distribute Latest From Florentine And Adkins In The U.S.
Alright American action film fans. You have seen the clip and now you want to know when you can see Close Range, the latest collaboration between director Isaac Florentine and action star Scott Adkins. The answer is Fall, 2015. 

Xlrator Media picked up the U.S. distribution rights for the upcoming action flick and will release it through their Turbo action label. Xlrator almost always distributes both in cinemas and on VOD so fingers crossed it is a large enough theatrical release that most of you in the States get to see this on the big screen. 

"Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine have together made some of the best action movies in recent memory, including the famed Undisputed series which many consider among the best martial-arts action films of all time. They are an awesome actor-director tag-team. Action fans around the world are looking forward to CLOSE RANGE and another dose of epic, hand-to-hand ass-kicking as only Scott and Isaac can deliver it," said XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon.

The same press release also reports that rights for distribution were also sold to Canada, France, Benelux, Spain, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa, Turkey, China, India, and the Middle East when presented at EFM earlier this month. 

If the buyers in those countries would like to let us know who you are we will gladly let our readers know who you are. This way they can name their first-born children after you and mark your release dates off on their calendars so they can take a 'personal day'. 
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