Check Out The First Teaser For New GHOST IN THE SHELL Animated Movie

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Check Out The First Teaser For New GHOST IN THE SHELL Animated Movie
While the debate about the American live-action adaptation rages on fans of the Japanese animated Ghost in the Shell franchise have reason to celebrate. A teaser for the new animated film, due out in Japan this Summer, was just released. 

Though it is only a teaser we get a flash of possibly Major Motoko Kusanagi sticking a landing then running towards what could be a school. Then the teaser ends with that shot of Kusanagi standing in some sort of, I do not know what to call them, but it makes a point of pulling back and showing multiple... stations. Where there are a lot other figures who could be copies of the Major. 

And for those of us who know next to no Japanese AnimeNewsNetwork has provided a translation of the title cards in it. 

The legendary science-fiction work that caused a revolution around the world.
Original Work - Masamune Shirow
A work in celebration of 25 years
The awakened ghost whispers...
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie
Opens in early summer 2015
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