THE BOY AND THE BEAST: Next From SUMMER WARS Director Hosoda Mamoru

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THE BOY AND THE BEAST: Next From SUMMER WARS Director Hosoda Mamoru
We are big fans of Hosoda Mamoru's previous films The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars and Wolf Children. At a news conference in Japan today the director announced his next feature, The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko)

In a Tokyo press conference, Hosoda talked about the new project: "The movie is a training story about a boy who was separated from his parents and becomes a disciple of a bakemono (supernatural creature). It's going to be a traditional yet novel story."

The story is set in the human realm (Tokyo's Shibuya ward) and the bakemono realm ("Shibutenmachi"). In these two worlds which must not intersect, there lives a lonely boy and a lonely bakemono. One day, the boy gets lost in the bakemono world, becomes the disciple of the bakemono Kumatetsu, and is renamed Kyūta.

AnimeNewsNetwork had the translation of the original article found over at Oricon. Hosoda is still casting the film and plans to complete it next June. French studio Gaumont will distribute the film in France and is handling international sales. 
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