THE BOY AND THE BEAST: Check Out The Teaser For Hosoda's Latest Already

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THE BOY AND THE BEAST: Check Out The Teaser For Hosoda's Latest Already
Yesterday, anime director Hosoda Mamoru announced that he is working on a new film, and later that evening he already released a teaser for it. And though it only shows a few snippets here and there, it sure looks like The Boy and the Beast will be vintage Hosoda already.

After he left Studio Ghibli due to creative differences with Miyazaki Hayao, Hosoda made two excellent films through Madhouse: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars. These were such a success that he founded his own company, Studio Chizu, and the first film it produced was The Wolf Children.
Hosoda has always been hinting that the financial success of this film had ensured a future for Studio Chizu, and that a new project was upcoming. So far he's been pretty successful at keeping a lid on any details, except for what he offered yesterday.

The story is about a boy in current-day Tokyo, who has been raised by a mythical monster after he lost his parents. Sounds like a good companion-piece to The Wolf Children!
Check out the teaser and rejoice, for in the absence of Studio Ghibli planning a full-length film currently, it is nice to know that there are other anime studios capable of such excellent features.

(And thanks to Twitterer Vito (@Ikari_Gendo) for alerting me of the teaser)
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