What Remake? More Of The Original LUTHER On The Way ...

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What Remake? More Of The Original LUTHER On The Way ...
Never say never, right? Ever since the most recent episodes of Idris Elba starring UK crime drama Luther aired on the BBC official word has been consistent: There may be a Luther feature, there may be a spinoff devoted to Alice, but there will not be more Luther on television. Except, well, you know, now there is.

Just a day after Fox announced that they were proceeding with a pilot of a US version of the hit series the BBC and creator Neil Cross have confirmed that the original show is headed back to the Beeb after all with two new hour long episodes scheduled to shoot in March for airing in late 2015.

This, friends, is what we like to refer to as Good News. I believe the entire run of the original series is still available on Netflix in the US and Canada so if you've not seen it yet, now is a good time to catch up.
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