Crowdfund This! Mister BABADOOK Pop-Up Book

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Crowdfund This! Mister BABADOOK Pop-Up Book
Jennifer Kent's psychological horror film, The Babadook, tore up the festival circuit around the world in 2014 with its tale of a sinister and persistent ghost named Mister Babadook. The top-hatted spectre leaps out of the pages of a childrens pop-up-book to terrorize a single mother and her son who unwittingly read part of it as a bedtime story. 

The graphic design and layout of the evil tome is featured prominently into the film, and even spills into the closing credits. As many people were leaving the various cinemas in Australia, North America and Europe they were undoubtedly were asking themselves, "Where can I get a copy of that book?"

And the filmmakers were certainly listening. They have started a crowd-funding project to get at least 2000 copies of the book, "Mister Babadook" into the hands of those who want one.

We have chosen Insight Editions as our publisher, because they are the best there is as far as Mister Babadook is concerned. Insight have a lot of experience with pop-up books, having published popular works such as the Game Of Thrones Pop-Up Guide To Westeros and Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book.

Each book will have a beautiful red fabric hardback cover. And each pop-up image will be printed on beautiful quality paper, hand glued and made to the highest standards. Just like the book in the film.

Currently they are a quarter of the way to their goal, so if you want one of the initial pressing, go to their website and pre-order one. The price is US$80 which includes world-wide shipping.

(Hopefully, if this book gets into full publication, there will be a special edition Blu-ray set of the film that comes tucked right into the book.)
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