The Stack: Canfield Talks Vintage William Castle And Much More

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The Stack: Canfield Talks Vintage William Castle And Much More
The Stack is back with a last look at what's truly "out there" for Halloween. 

First up is some vintage Blu-ray goodness from Kino, The Death Kiss starring Bela Lugosi and a late career entry from Boris Karloff, Cauldron of Blood finally becomes available on Blu-ray via the good folks at Olive Films. Scream Factory has a bunch of stuff out for Halloween but I picked the late seventies schlocker Squirm and the gorgeous Directors Cut of Night Breed. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has never looked as stunning as it does in this new 40th Anniversary Edition from Dark Sky Films and IFC offers up a DVD of Alex de la Iglesia's weird and wonderful Witching and Bitching

Cult Epics truly blew my mind with the surreal weirdness of Hysteria, and last but not least the obscure William Castle 60s gems The Spirit is Willing and Shanks starring Marcel Marceau hit. I also take a special look at a stunning new book, The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios

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