Morelia 2014: Fernando Eimbcke Celebrates 10 Years Of DUCK SEASON

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Yes, it's been 10 years since Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo was part of the Real Madrid team, Xbox's Halo dominated the videogame world, and Fernando Eimbcke premiered his first feature length effort Duck Season (Temporada de Patos). 

It was on October 22, 2004 when this black-and-white comedy about a couple of teens without anything to do on a Sunday arrived to Mexican cinemas. And exactly 10 years later, on October 22, 2014, Morelia screened the new remastered version of this little film that introduced a new voice in Mexican cinema.

Eimbcke, now close to turn 45 and with two other awarded films on his resume (2008's Lake Tahoe and 2013's Club Sandwich), returned to Morelia and immediately witnessed the influence of Duck Season. Curiously, hours before the 10th anniversary screening, Morelia hosted the Mexican premiere of Güeros, the debut of Alonso Ruiz Palacios, another filmmaker from Mexico City.

Güeros shares several elements with Duck Season, including the black-and-white photography, the music of Natalia Lafourcade, and the narrative of youngsters without much to do. Jokingly, Duck Season's producer Christian Valdelièvre said, "with Duck Season we didn't patented the black-and-white." He also commented to Eimbcke that people in Morelia were already saying that Güeros is "the Duck Season of 2014."

Later, both the director and producer introduced the film to the audience, expressing their excitement for watching the remastered version. "The remastering process has been hard work. One think that when you finish filming a movie, that's it, but I think you can't leave it as an obsolete cassette", said Eimbcke, who also confirmed that a Blu-ray with this new version will be hitting shelves soon.

After the screening, there was a Q&A session with Eimbcke, in which he revealed the main influence on Duck Season, what the title really means, and why he decided to shoot it in black-and-white. You can read what Eimbcke said in the gallery below.

The disastrous first cut of DUCK SEASON

Eimbcke: “You learn a lot when you watch the mistakes in your movies. When we watched the first cut of Duck Season, it was disastrous, and produced a sense of anguish. We sent this cut to a festival and they turned us down, luckily. Eventually, the editor Mariana Rodríguez did an amazing job.”

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