Lucy Liu Will Smuggle Humans In SNAKEHEAD

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Lucy Liu Will Smuggle Humans In SNAKEHEAD
Lucy Liu, who lately has been investigating crime on the U.S. television show Elementary, will become a human smuggler in Snakehead. Evan Jackson Leong (Linsanity) has written the script and will direct. 

Liu, a native New Yorker, will play a Chinese immigrant. According to Deadline

[She] arrives penniless to the streets of New York City's Chinatown, until she is mentored in the business of human smuggling by the powerful bosses -- called Snakeheads -- who run a thriving business that preys on the hopes of wannabe immigrants who pay a high price for a piece of the American dream. Motivated by a desire to regain her daughter and reclaim her family, she rises to the top of Chinatown's smuggling business.

The article says that Leong, a 6th-generation Chinese-American, did extensive research on the issues involved. The title reminds me of a 2009 book by Patrick Radden Keefe entitled The Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream. The book is truly an epic, well-written and exhaustively researched, and revolves around the story of a woman known as Sister Ping, a middle-aged grandmother who rose to power in the Chinese underground. 

In the multiple episodes of Elementary that I've seen, Liu has been quite effective, and I'm looking forward to watching her in a straight dramatic role -- in contrast to her ass-kicking escapades in Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill -- especially if Leong can pull off the some of the epic scope that is hinted at in the synopsis. Shooting is scheduled to begin next spring.
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