Former Aardman Animator Gets POSSESSED! Watch The First Trailer!

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Former Aardman Animator Gets POSSESSED! Watch The First Trailer!
So ... you're an animator at one of the most acclaimed production houses in the world but you have a penchant for ghosts and gore and crude language that your employer doesn't share. What do you do? If you happen to be the eponymous soul known simply as SAM you part ways with Wallace And Gromit production house Aardman Animation and go your own way to create Possessed.

ParaNorman meets Wallace & Gromit... Since the death of her husband, the great bullfighter Gregorio, in a domestic accident, Trini, the world famous flamenco dancer, has been deeply depressed and has abandoned the stage. To make matters worse, her son Damian's rebelliousness has begun to border on dementia. Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are all unable to explain the child's worsening behaviour. Eventually the only possible explanation is a supernatural one. At this juncture, Trini gets in contact with Father Lenin, a defrocked priest who is suffering his own crisis of faith. As all signs indicate it is the only hope of restoring peace to this shattered family.
About to have its world premiere in Sitges, check the first trailer below!

Trailer POS ESO subtitled English 1080 25p from Basque Films on Vimeo.

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