5 Reasons To Attend This Weekend's Film Independent Forum In LA

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If you're like me, you often look at the list of filmmaker panels at film festivals and bemoan the fact that you just have to miss what might be a great conversation in order to go catch a movie. But what if there was a whole weekend of top rung film festival panels, with no movies to skip? This is exactly what Film Independent have put together with their annual Film Independent Forum that once again takes place this weekend at Los Angeles's Directors Guild of America.

You may have caught our similarly titled preview last year. And if you took our advice, you were privileged to take part in some of the most informative and inspiring panels that happen in the film industry. Many of these are even better than film festival panels - and the opportunities to meet new people are just as prevalent.

Here are 5 reasons to head on down to the DGA this weekend.

Opening Night Screening: Nightcrawler

The event always opens up with a screening of a yet-to-be released film and this year it's Dan Gilroy's amazingly intense Nightcrawler. In his Toronto review, Jason Gorber called it, "deeply philosophical while remaining both captivating and entertaining." It's a good one.

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