Watch A Clip From Joe Dante's Rom-Zom-Com BURYING THE EX

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Watch A Clip From Joe Dante's Rom-Zom-Com BURYING THE EX
What's this? A clip from a new Joe Dante horror comedy? Well, yes please, though it should be said that I'm somewhat of two minds on Burying The Ex. On the one hand, it's new Joe Dante and any new Joe Dante is a good thing. He's not been on screen nearly often enough in recent years and has a strangely hard time getting projects going for such a beloved director. But, on the other hand ... well, there have been rather a lot of romantic zombie comedies lately and not only does it feel like Joe is coming to this particular party a little late it's also very hard to see how, with Life After Beth freshly released with middling results, this will help Dante get his career ramped back up. It sadly seems more likely that this will be another film like The Hole ... one which Dante loyalists find and love but one which will likely be overlooked outside of the existing cult.

But hey, what do I know? It exists, it's playing Venice and there's a clip down below. Prove me wrong, Joe. I'd love to be.
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