Gorgeous First Trailer For Lu Chuan's THE LAST SUPPER

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Gorgeous First Trailer For Lu Chuan's THE LAST SUPPER
Director Lu Chuan won international acclaim for his 2009 feature City Of Life And Death - a portrayal of the Nanjing Massacre - and for his next effort he travels back even farther in time with his Liu Ye, Chang Chen and Daniel Wu starring period piece The Last Supper.

The early history of a nation unfolds through the actions of three heroes - Liu Bang, Xiang Yu and Han Xin - who chased their dreams of uniting a warring nation and fought through major milestones of the Chu-Han Contention years in the third century. From the Julu War to the Hongmen Banquet, the Gaixia War to the death of HanXin, the narration of Liu Bang - who would be the founding emperor of the new Han Dynasty - sets the stage for a tale of betrayal and brothers at war, where the last man standing inherits a nation.

It has become increasingly commonplace to jab at the seemingly never ending wave of period epics rolling on to Chinese screens for the simple reasons that a) they're never ending, and, b) the quality seems to have been in a steady decline for years now. But the fact remains that when you match the right director with the right cast and the right subject matter the form can still result in grand, breath taking film. And this looks to be one of those cases. Take a look at the first trailer below.

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