Fantastic Fest 2014: Behold The Gorgeous Poster For Lee Sang-woo's Uncompromising I AM TRASH

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The line-up for this year's Fantastic Fest is awash with festival faves and complete unknowns, including a bevy of World Premieres of films audiences will likely know next to nothing about. Chief among those is Lee Sang-woo's I Am Trash, a ferociously dark and twisted family drama that gives a whole new meaning to the term "dysfunctional". 

I Am Trash is the latest in a string of uncompromising micro-budgeted indie flicks to come out of South Korea from the incredibly prolific Lee - following works with titles as outrageous as My Mother Is A Whore and Father Is A Dog. Trust me, I Am Trash is absolutely worth checking out. 

Huge thanks to the incredibly gracious 2Mr Films for giving ScreenAnarchy an exclusive first look at the brand spanking new poster for the film (which I promise is unfathomably more attractive than anything in the film itself) and a big congratulations to our very own Pierce Conran, who serves as one of the film's producers.
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