Fantastic Fest 2014: Lee Sang-woo Drunkenly Reviews Lee Sang-woo's I AM TRASH

Contributor; Seoul, South Korea
Fantastic Fest 2014: Lee Sang-woo Drunkenly Reviews Lee Sang-woo's I AM TRASH
I made different waste director Lee, Sang - Woo trash. 

I'm so glad this movie like letting a lot of people. 

The mother is a whore, fold, and I am the last to refuse the father 

The happy ending. 

I'd like to wish all families with garbage all. 

Together with a good look at the whole family, this movie is a family movie. 

This film, but showing how hard it is dirty and the world we live 

The idea should be to continue our lives. 

South Korea is a precious treasure to people and do not even stand to replace the family. 

However, even when forced to love the evil in society kkichige Family 

I think that eliminated from society and isolated. 

Sang in the movie is a father and two brothers died, but the family love. 

If you do not accept them, even loved my case about every social 

You think to kill someone. 

I want to do is talk with the film director. 

I have so much fun that crap, the movie comes out laughing and touching. 

Kofi shed the American audience watched this movie. 

You are too focused on the movie natdago nosebleeds. 

And to bulhyeon audience made this movie based on a true story, but the other hand is

The heart is sick I ringeo. 

American audiences are so much fun thank you for the film look. 

Helicopter flights are released in theaters Korea will want look a million. 

We will make a better film director.

[Throughout Fantastic Fest ScreenAnarchy will be presenting a series of drunken reviews of films as penned by the film's own director. They are created under the following rules. The director will be poured five shots of alcohol, which they have fifteen minutes to drink. They then have half an hour to write, in their own language, why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. The results will then be run through Google Translate and posted as is.]

I Am Trash

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