Preview: Japan Cuts 2014 Gets Cute, Crude And Contemplative

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Opening tonight with the US premiere of Miike Takashi's The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji, Japan Cuts, the New York festival of contemporary Japanese cinema, is a grand smorgasbord for cinephiles of all tastes. Well, at least for those residing somewhere in or near the five boroughs. Everyone else, prepare to be a bit jealous.

Many international and North American premieres unfurl til July 20 at Japan Society, and we've got the heads-up on a bunch of 'em. This year's festival features a religious girl vs. a talking genital growth (The Passion); a menacing samurai and his adorable cat (Neko Samurai); a children's rock n' roll concert (Hello! Junichi), and an environmentalist epic (The Tale Of Iya). As cinematic treats go that's just a taste of the kool-aid, so sit back and enjoy ScreenAnarchy's preview of Japan Cuts 2014.

Click to the right of the cute kitty with the katana for the preview. Click here for the fest's full lineup and to purchase tickets.

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