Meet The DEALER In Super Stylish First Trailer

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Meet The DEALER In Super Stylish First Trailer
Is Jean Luc Herbulot France's answer to Nicolas Winding Refn? The trailer for his gritty crime thriller Dealer could have you thinking maybe yes. Loosely inspired by the actual history of lead actor / producer Dan Bronchinson, this is super stylish and gritty stuff made on the cheap completely outside of the usual funding system.

After a life spent trafficking cocaine, Dan (Dan Bronchinson) has vowed that he will not go back to the life he once lived. But he's offered a one-time opportunity to achieve his life dream : moving to Australia with his daughter. He accepts the deal and soon starts a downward spiral sucking him back into 24 hours of lies, violence and treason where he has to save his daughter and survive by any means.

Check out the trailer below.
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