Check Out The Stunning U.S. Trailer For IDA

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Check Out The Stunning U.S. Trailer For IDA
One of the most highly anticipated Polish films of 2013, Pawel Pawlikowski's Ida has enjoyed a triumphant run on the international festival circuit, gaining massive critical acclaim almost everywhere where it's screened. The powerful and beautifully lensed picture has also won four major awards (Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Actress for Agata Kulesza) during the ceremony of The Polish Academy Awards, popularly known as "Orly". I had the great pleasure of seeing Ida at Warsaw Film Festival last October and I wrote about the experience in my review.

The 1960s in Poland. Anna is a novitiate nun, an orphan brought up at a convent. Before taking her vows, she is told by her mother superior that there is a condition: Anna has to visit her aunt Wanda, her sole living relative. The two of them go on a journey that will help them not only to learn their family's tragic history but also the truth about who they are. A moving, spare, stark, and beautifully directed film in which the director returns to his native Poland. A very sensitive portrayal of a young woman's private story and its historical and social background.

Since January 2014 Ida has been conquering European cinemas (including France, Spain, The Netherlands, and Italy), and now it finally gets the chance to win over American audiences as well. And in case you're still not convinced of the film's mesmerizing power, be sure to watch the fresh and enticing U.S. trailer below.

Ida is set for limited release on May 2nd in New York and Los Angeles.
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