Amazing First Stills From THE ABSENCE OF EDDY TABLE

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It was back in January of 2013 that we first brought word of The Absence Of Eddy Table, an animated short film based on the work of cult favorite comic artist Dave Cooper (Suckle, Weasel, Ripple) and directed by Trollhunter CGI artist Rune Spaans with Norwegian Ninja producer Eric Vogel and his company Tordenfilm producing. Well, animation takes a long time but the film is now deep into production and we've got the first trio of images to share and they are stunning. Very weird, very distinctive, and carrying such a natural sense of weight and detail to them that it's very hard to believe that this is a CGI production and not stop motion. I absolutely cannot wait to see these in motion.

The Absence of Eddy Table tells the story of how the titular character Eddy Table gets lost in a mysterious forest, where he encounters both true love and and true horror!

Check the gallery below and remember you can click to enlarge!

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