Imagine 2014: First Trailer For Dutch Horror THE POOL

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Imagine 2014: First Trailer For Dutch Horror THE POOL
[Updated with subtitled trailer] A small pool in a forest may contain a bad secret or two, in the Dutch horror thriller The Pool (De Poel), directed by Chris W. Mitchell. He also co-wrote the script with starring actor Gijs Scholten van Aschat, who scores his first writing credit here.

The Pool is described as a typically Dutch horror film, with a psychological twist. Its synopsis:
Two families go camping illegally in a forest, and set up their tents near a beautiful pond, far away from the daily hubbub. However, they soon discover that the pond contains a mysterious force, which will not allow them to leave. Rot and decay strike, and madness follows.

The production tweets jokingly mention plot points about horny teenagers, belligerent parents, and a bog witch, as well as all actors suffering a record number of mosquito and tick bites during the shoot.
A first trailer was released this week, and below you can check it out. There are no English subtitles yet, but the only four sentences in the trailer are:

"If you're scared Rob, we can always go back to that 'Eldorado' camping."
"Which sick bastard thought this was funny?"
"I saw something in the water..."
"Do you think dad is losing it?"

The Pool will be one of the world premieres at the upcoming Imagine Festival in Amsterdam, on the 14th of April, and we'll keep you posted!

DE POEL (The Pool) from Jan Doense | Film Events on Vimeo.

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