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The year that was 2013 has almost run its course, so the time has come for Team ScreenAnarchy to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute to those films that have made a particularly strong impact over the past twelve months.

No matter how grand a year it was at the movies, we all have those disappointing and diminishing experiences in the cinema. And those can still make quite the impact. Whether it was the latest tentpole production that dashed our hopes at a smart popcorn flick, a festival favorite or awards darling we just couldn't help but scratch our heads at, or a favorite director dropping the ball, here are the films of 2013 that made us frown or feel rather furious. 

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Pacific Rim

James Marsh - Asian Editor
There is some fun to be gleaned from Guillermo del Toro's mecha-on-kaiju mash-up and some of the design work is sensational, but the film is a vacuous empty exoskeleton of what might have been. The plot itself makes no sense (big guns or bombs would've faired better against giant monsters, no?), the characterisation is minimal and the dialogue downright risible, leaving even talented performers like Idris Elba and Ron Perlman with little to do but stand there and snarl. Add to this some of the worst accents in the history of acting, and it compounds into a force capable of sinking the entire project. Pacific Rim is not terrible, but it's a crushing disappointment.

Kwenton Bellette - Contributing writer
Del Toro is vastly overrated. Pacific Rim's story is like Evangelion-light with added stupidity. Yes the effects and fights are great, but everything in between is all sorts of awful.

Dustin Chang - Contributing writer

Kurt Halfyard - Contributing writer
I love Guillermo del Toro. I do. To hear him lecture on the cinema he loves is a joy. So why didn't we get something smarter than this fireworks show? So much could have been done with the idea of the "drift" or Ron Perlman's band of organ salvagers. Instead we just get glossy, but banal monster and robot punching.

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