THE MOLE SONG: Full Trailer For Miike's Latest Brings The Madness

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THE MOLE SONG: Full Trailer For Miike's Latest Brings The Madness
Here comes the crazy.

Maverick director Miike Takashi is going brash, colorful and bold with his big screen adaptation of Takahashi Noburo's manga Moguro No Uta. Selected as part of the Rome film festival - where it plays under the English title of The Mole Song - the pitch goes like this:

Rookie cop Reiji has a strong sense of justice, but he graduated from the police academy with the lowest score ever! His police chief fires him for dishonorable conduct, but he is secretly ordered to become a mole and go undercover to infiltrate a crime syndicate. The target is the head of the mighty Sukiya-kai yakuza clan. Undercover agent Reiji manages to become the new favorite of the notorious "Crazy Papillon," a violent yakuza big shot. As Reiji pretends to prepare to vow his allegiance to the yakuza, he gets pulled into internal power struggles and conflicts leading to one wild & crazy situation after another!
An early teaser promised things would be over the top and that's even more the case with the full trailer. Check it out below.

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