Watch The First Teaser For Miike's MOGURO NO UTA

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Watch The First Teaser For Miike's MOGURO NO UTA
Miike's getting weird again. After a run of big and comparatively safe studio productions, Miike Takashi got bloody again last year with the release of Lesson Of The Evil and he's following that up now with an adaptation of Takahashi Noburo's manga Moguro No Uta. Nippon Cinema describes it like this:

Moguro Not Uta revolves around an underachieving cop with a strong sense of justice named Reiji Kikukawa. Kikukawa is secretly tasked with infiltrating a large criminal organization in order to destroy it from the inside.
That synopsis, however, does not even begin to sum up the craziness contained within the 30 second teaser. Take a look below to check it out.

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