The Gender War Wages On in the Trailer for SOME VELVET MORNING

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The Gender War Wages On in the Trailer for SOME VELVET MORNING
It has been a while Neil Labute stormed onto the arthouse film scene with the one-two punch of In The Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors in the mid 1990s. After those two exceptional films, it felt that the director never quite found his place, doing horror and comedy remakes - in the case of a The Wicker Man, a comedy remake of a horror film - with interim breaks of going back to the stage. (full disclosure: I have a real soft spot for Nurse Betty) Nevertheless, it seems to me that he is at his best, on screen anyway, when taking rather intimate style stage plays and making them into films. 

Across Labute's entire filmography however, there has been one thing more or less consistent, his interest lies in the battle of the genders. Enter Alice Eve in a red dress and Stanley Tucci in a crisp white shirt. Some Velvet Morning Is a two character chamber piece concerning a man who leaves his wife for his mistress, only to have his mistress rebuff him upon his arrival, bags in hand. 

It appears to play out in a single location, the mistresses home, and both actors seem to be in fine form. Personally, I can't wait to see this. It appears the wait will not have to be so long, as Some Velvet Morning is coming to VOD on December 10 and a limited theatrical December 13. I will be sure to make it a date movie with my wife, just for the conversation afterwards.
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