Japan's Splatter Master Nishimura Yoshihiro Returns With ZOMBIE TV

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Japan's Splatter Master Nishimura Yoshihiro Returns With ZOMBIE TV
Japanese splatter master Nishimura Yoshihiro is back and ready to douse your screen with yet another stream of high pressure blood with new omnibus horror anthology Zombie TV.

ZOMBIE TV is the splatter-ific new zom / com / omnibus from the fertile and twisted mind of acclaimed cult filmmaker and special effects makeup genius Yoshihiro Nishimura (TOKYO GORE POLICE, HELLDRIVER, THE ABCs of DEATH).

A Monty Python-esque collection of shorts, animation, sketch comedy, instructional videos and more, ZOMBIE TV showcases the natural evolution of zombies in the 21st century, no longer a frightening menace, but rather an annoying neighbor you realize you simply have to put up with. ZOMBIE TV answers such natural questions as: in a world full of the undead, wouldn't some of the surviving humans want to join the majority and become zombies themselves? Would becoming a zombie solve the emotional and relationship problems we all have as living, breathing human beings? Do zombies have their own idols? Would zombies worship a zombie god? Who would win in a fight: a cannibal, or a zombie? How did zombies evolve from walkers into runners? And the most burning question of all: how do zombies have sex?

Nishimura has created ZOMBIE TV with the assistance of a new pair of filmmakers he's excited to introduce to the world: award-winning splatter short film director Naoya Tashiro, and artist / animator Maelie Makuno. Bringing very different tastes and styles to their episodes, the trio have created a fun, fast-moving film that captures the feeling of flipping through late-night TV in a world gone mad. Structured to entertain without tiring out its audience, ZOMBIE TV provides food for thought--if that food were human guts and brains. Sure to delight zombie fans old and new, ZOMBIE TV offers a new- found appreciation for our walking dead friends.
Premiering at Monsterfest in Australia today, we've got the first trailer for Zombie TV to share below.

[Pictured is Maki Mizui as "Pink Zombie"  ©2013 Pony Canyon]
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