Win CURSE OF CHUCKY on DVD or Blu-ray (UK only)

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Win CURSE OF CHUCKY on DVD or Blu-ray (UK only)
Chucky always creeped the hell out of me as a kid. Even before I'd seen any of the Child's Play movies, the concept alone sent me cowering. The idea that something as innocuous as a toy would come alive and try to do you harm was horrible (plus the 'Good Guy' doll was pretty freaky anyway). I had a similar problem with that clown under the bed in Poltergeist; I still shudder at the thought. With age I've come to hold the Chucky flicks with a a great deal of affection, the daftness and humour of demonic little Chucky mostly outweighing the scares... 

At Fantasia this year, ScreenAnarchy's Justin Decloux found much to enjoy about Don Mancini's latest entry in the franchise, Curse of Chucky. If you like the sound of that, read on...

Terror returns in a deceptively tiny package when Curse of Chucky, the newest installment of the chilling Child's Play franchise, comes exclusively to Blu-Ray™ and DVD on 21 October, 2013, from Universal Pictures (UK) and Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Curse of Chucky finds a family imperiled by the murderous doll that launched a generation's nightmares - determined to finish a job that was started long ago.

To celebrate the release of Curse of Chucky, we have a competition copy to give away!

To enter, simply  email me with your favourite Chucky 'death' scene from the franchise (interpret that how you will) before 12pm GMT on 24th October.

NB The winner will be chosen at random and will have the choice of either a DVD or Blu-ray.You must have a UK mailing address to enter, and ScreenAnarchy decision is final.

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