Behold: A Few Peeks At The Production Of Mutant Wasp Feature STUNG

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Behold: A Few Peeks At The Production Of Mutant Wasp Feature STUNG
In a few weeks, the mutant wasp creature feature Stung will start its principal photography. Through a series of production video-blogs, producer Benjamin Munz and director Benni Diez plan to document the entire process for those who are interested. The first two blogs can be found on YouTube and we have posted them here.

In the film itself, mayhem ensues when a garden party gets attacked by giant wasps. Matt O´Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare and Lance Henriksen star. A special effects test, released last year, was damn effective and reason enough to keep an eye on this film.

Truth be told, at this point the two Bennies are only goofing around a bit in these blogs, but you actually do get a few peeks behind the curtain already. Cast shots, creature designs, storyboards and location scouting: it's in there but in small measures. Have a look!

(in the interest of full disclosure, Todd Brown, ScreenAnarchy's founder and editor-in-chief, is involved in the development of this project through production company XYZ Films. He did not edit this article.)
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