Watch The Trailer For Richard Ayoade's THE DOUBLE

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Watch The Trailer For Richard Ayoade's THE DOUBLE
It's been three solid years since poofy-haired comedian Richard Ayoade - best known for his parts on Garth Marenghi's Dark Place and The IT Crowd - wowed audiences in Toronto with his debut directorial feature Submarine, a film that proved to be a great favorite in these parts. For his sophomore effort Ayoade adapts Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Double with Jesse Eisenberg in a dual lead role as a man confronted with an exact duplicate of himself. We've had the chance to see the film already and it's absolutely fabulous, check out an excerpt of the forthcoming review below:

What we have here is a fiercely intelligent, hugely idiosyncratic talent who is seemingly capable of going in any great number of directions and making all of them entirely his own. Two films is too soon by far to be labeling someone a master but Ayoade stands alongside Ben Wheatley as vibrant proof that the future of British film is both quite odd and very, very bright. The Double is simply fantastic.
So, yes. It's quite good. And now you can get a proper taste as The Guardian have premiered the first trailer for the picture. Check it out below.
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