Venice 2013 Dispatch, Day Four: Everybody Wants To Be (Or Do) Xavier Dolan. And Let's Piss Off Miyazaki Fans

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Welcome back to the Venice Film Festival. We're exactly at half fest, and maybe, just maybe, some potential winners are starting to emerge from the main competition..

Everybody Want To Be (Or Do) Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan has it all: He's young, beautiful, cool and super talented. His new film Tom At The Farm disembarked here at the Lido, getting multiple round of applause and going immediately on top of many people's mental list of the Venice bests so far. Tom At The Farm is actually quite different from Dolan's previous works like Heartbeats or Laurence Anyways. Here, the camera tends to focus less on his ego-maniac vain hipster romanticism and concentrates more on the storytelling. No explosions of virtuosity or dreamlike marshmallow scenes, instead we have a solid almost-thriller mise en scéne, reminding us some of the darkest works by Claude Chabrol. Tom surely represents a side of Dolan we didn't knew before, proving himself to be a very versatile film maker who is able to cross genres maintaining the awareness of maturity.

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