Give Blood For Tommy Wirkola's DEAD SNOW: RED VS DEAD

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Give Blood For Tommy Wirkola's DEAD SNOW: RED VS DEAD
Okay. So you are not going to give blood, literally! There has to be some sort of health and safety violations if you shipped your blood to the production of Tommy Wirkola's follow-up to his smash Nazi-Zombie hit Dead Snow, Dead Snow: Red VS Dead

Filming is already underway in Iceland and Wirkola has dreamed up a finale to end all finales. He wants to kill a lot of Nazi Zombies. Thing is, he needs a tad more money to be able to pull it off. So he is hoping that we, the lovers and fans of his first film, will support him and in essence 'give blood' to his project. Great big buckets of it! He has shot a pitch video that you can watch below! 

Our ambitions far outpace our funds. Nothing new about that; it's how the first movie got made. And, hell - we're already shooting in Iceland as we speak. But this time around, we've got something special in mind for the grand finale, something so wicked and cool that we figured we'd ask our beloved fans to chip in.

We've got hordes of Nazi Zombies to kill off, ideally in the most imaginative and creative ways possible. We've got a vintage Tiger Tank, shipped into the Iceland interior, ready to do battle. What we need is funding for more actors & victims, and then for more special effects to, uh, work them over. We've teamed up with people who've worked on big-time stuff like Men in Black, Fantastic Four and Looper, and our own VFX team is made up of veterans from productions from Total Recall to Prometheus and The Lone Ranger. Oh, and we've reconnected with the mad scientists that gave the world Iron Sky. Let's just say, these guys all know what they're doing. And they're not charging us Bruckheimer fees - but it's still not cheap.

So there you have it! If you want to see buckets of blood drench the hillsides of Iceland and drown an army of Nazi Zombies, then open your hearts -- Again! Not literally -- and your wallets and support Dead Snow: Red vs Dead
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