Tony Jaa Goes To Hollywood, Joins FAST AND FURIOUS 7

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
Tony Jaa Goes To Hollywood, Joins FAST AND FURIOUS 7
Looks like Dominic Toretto and his crew should be extra careful about how they treat baby elephants, with the news that Thai martial arts superstar Tony Jaa has joined Fast And Furious 7. Directed by James Wan, Fast 7 picks up right where Fast 6 left off, with a massive cliffhanger involving yet another action superstar, Jason Statham. 

Jaa's part in the film is unknown but the role is his first in a US studio production. Whether or not it will also mark his English-language debut is yet to be seen, as his upcoming Western A Man Will Rise was expected to have some English as it co-stars Dolph Lundgren. Fast 7 will start shooting in September as part of an incredibly quick turnaround to meet its July 2014 US release date.
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