Strip Down With The Trailer For Irish Comedy THE STAG

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Strip Down With The Trailer For Irish Comedy THE STAG
Writer-director John Butler knows one thing very well: Nothing good can ever happen of taking a group of men out of the city and putting them in the wild in the company of substances designed to make them even more stupid than usual. Particularly not if this endeavor is undertaken in the name of 'fun'. And yet this is exactly what happens in The Stag.

No one makes a less likely candidate for a wild stag party than Fionnan (Hugh O'Conor), a set designer so comfortable in his masculinity that he feels no shame in micromanaging the decor for his forthcoming wedding. But his adoring fiancée, Ruth (Amy Huberman), feels that Fionnan really needs to cut loose in one last bachelor's hurrah with his mates. She recruits Davin (Andrew Scott), Fionnan's best friend -- and her ex -- to make the arrangements. The gents opt for a camping trip, but what promises to be a leisurely weekend of fresh air and some light hiking is about to get a major dose of testosterone. The Machine (Peter McDonald), Ruth's notoriously obnoxious brother, is determined to tag along.
Freshly selected as part of the Discovery program at the Toronto International Film Festival, check the trailer below. And, yes, that is Moriarty from Sherlock and the dad from Moone Boy.

The Stag Trailer from Metro International on Vimeo.

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