New MAN OF STEEL Trailer Wants To Show You Its CG Muscles

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New MAN OF STEEL Trailer Wants To Show You Its CG Muscles
What's better than real muscles? CG muscles! This is the message that comes across loud and clear in the new trailer for Man of Steel, released as a tie-in with a mobile phone company. Of course I'm not literally talking about flesh and steroid muscles, but rather the explosions, smoke, dust, crumbling buildings, fire and all other sorts of mayhem seen in this trailer, which are all clearly made in a computer and thus lacking in any real tension or excitement. Maybe the cinema experience will be different. Let's hope so. 

Also keep an ear out for that first line by Russell Crowe: "every possum, can be a force for good." I'm sure that's what he said. Very Australian, nice work Rusty.

Props also to ScreenAnarchy reader "heatbag" who mocked up that photo of Michael Shannon as Bam Margera in a previous post
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