LA Film Fest 2013: Nicolas Winding Refn's Top 5 Quotes from ONLY GOD FORGIVES North American Premiere

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Controversial Cannes competitioner Only God Forgives made its official North American premiere at the LA Film Fest last night and director Nicolas Winding Refn was on hand and in his usual devilishly eloquent form. We've got his five most bombastic nuggets from his intro and Q&A to delight the ScreenAnarchy faithful. A couple of these are slightly paraphrased but pretty damn close to direct quotes - you know how it is.

Get ready for Only God Forgives with our review here. The film is open in a number of markets around the world and opens in the US July 19.

"I used to use musical metaphors to describe my movies. These days I've been using drugs to do that. Drive was like gettting the best cocaine and doing it all night long. Only God Forgives is like doing good high school acid, and not the kind where you sit in a chair and see things, the kind of good acid where you become the chair."

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