Wandering Exorcist Roams Spain. Watch The ASMODEXIA Promo Now!

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Wandering Exorcist Roams Spain. Watch The ASMODEXIA Promo Now!
Well, here's a little treat from an old friend. Regulars at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain - simply put the most important genre film event in Europe - need no introduction to Mike Hostench, the energetic co-director of the festival. Well, Hostench is switching teams, as it were, and serving as a script writer on upcoming horror picture Asmodexia.

Slated for a summer shoot, Asmodexia is the feature debut of helmer Marc Carrete - who has had a pair of short films play in competition at Sitges, starting the relationship between the two men - from his own original idea. The story follows an itinerant exorcist and his granddaughter as they travel the Spanish countryside and while principal photography has not yet begun, ScreenAnarchy has got an exclusive look at the promo reel shot to pitch the tone of the film. And if this is what they're coming up with, then I am fully on board ...
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