Things Get Goofy In Japanese Slacker Comedy I'LL GIVE IT MY ALL TOMORROW

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Things Get Goofy In Japanese Slacker Comedy I'LL GIVE IT MY ALL TOMORROW
Japanese writer-director Fukuda Yuichi is having what may be termed 'quite a year'. A super prolific talent, Fukuda has been present on the big screen in the past - directing part of an anthology project as well as a feature comedy based on his own play in 2009 - but it is television where he has really made his mark with writing credits on a whopping 82 episodes of various television series since 2010 alone, a great many of which he has also directed.

But 2013 is different for Fukuda. 2013 is the year of no television. Instead he's made three features, two of which have already been heavily covered in these pages. Up first was Kid's Police, the big screen outing of the cult hit television series which he also had a hand in writing and directing. Second? That would be the big screen version of cult manga Hentai Kamen. Third? The upcoming adaptation of another manga - though this one is somewhat more respectable - titled I'll Give It My All Tomorrow.

Shizuo is a no-good 40 year old single father living with his high school daughter and his father. One day he suddenly decides to quit his stable job in order to become a comic (manga) writer. He starts presenting his works to a comic magazine publisher. After piles of rejections, the eccentric middle-aged Shizuo starts to lose confidence of ever getting his work published, however with the support of his daughter and close friends, he finally starts to see the light of success...
Though ti won't generate the same sort of cult buzz that Kid's Police and Hentai Kamen will, I'll Give It My All Tomorrow is Fukuda's chance to show he can produce something engaging while moving a little bit more to the mainstream and if the freshly released trailer is any indication he has done exactly that. It seems safe to say that we're seeing the emergence of a significant new talent here.

Take a look at the trailer below.

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